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Things You Can Do - Posture

The state of your life and, in extension, the state of the world, is what you do in your life.Just like a musician practices his instrument every day to be his best, practice daily doing good things (as described in the HeLP of chapter 10 in the
book HealthyIsm for your body, mind, and soul to be your best. When you are being calm and kind to your I, here's what you regularly can do in terms of body use and nutrition:


We will focus on exercise in a moment, but first lets focus on posture for such positions as standing and bowel movements. Part of proper use of the whole body is performing and maintaining correct posture. When walking or standing, always stand tall as if you're stacking your ears, shoulders, and hips in a straight line. With your hands by your side, rotate your thumbs outwards, which force your shoulders back and chest open. From there practice a half-inch, navel-toward-spine squeeze and a butt squeeze (as if trying to hold a coin between the cheeks). Try to do all this in a relaxed manner without being too rigid. Consciously practice this proper posture until you get to the point where it is mostly an unconscious behavior. It will feel good and, as a by-product, look great.


Bowel Movements through Squatting

Another means to optimize or improve health is to practice proper posture for bowel movements, which means squatting on the feet on the toilet instead of sitting the butt. A side effect of western society's inner mental programming is the unnatural position of the human body when sitting on a toilet.
This is not made up—it's true! Most people in western civilization have been programmed to sit on a toilet instead of squatting their derriere right to the ground like we are naturally designed to do. Because of sitting on toilets, there is no natural pressure of the thighs on the abdominal area and also the anal tract is in a bent/kinked position. This results in extra exertion to push feces out therefore causing difficulty in full elimination and also potentially contributing to such ailments as the development of hemorrhoids and prostrate disorders.


Let The Children Show You How

If you've ever watched young toddlers pooping in their diapers you will receive a lesson in proper bowel movements. When its time for elimination, the toddler will find a quiet private spot, squat and do his business. To use this method of evacuation you can use a squat toilet commonly used in many parts of the world or a specifically designed platform that fits over a regular toilet.
Most western adults have lost the ability to squat at all because of lack of use of the squat position. Before actually using this technique in the bathroom try squatting by holding onto something solid like the main post at the bottom of a staircase and slowly lower your body to the ground with your heals touching or as close to the ground as possible. Can you do it? If not, gently practice this assisted squatting technique a few times a day for about 10 repetitions each time. Over time you will stretch tight muscles and tendons in the pelvic region and get closer to ground. In the mean time, until you can squat with heals planted, try squatting in whatever method works for you (but be careful).


If you are physically capable of squatting, follow these steps when nature is calling:

  • Until you are comfortable with the squatting technique its better to remove restrictive clothing from your legs such as pants, underwear, etc.
  • If using a squatting toilet, place feet on both sides of the hole and lower body to the ground.
  • If using a regular squatting toilet, slowly place one foot on one side of platform and move directly into squat while placing your other foot on the opposite side of platform.
  • Try not to wear slippery footwear such as socks to prevent feet from slipping
  • From the squat position allow the thighs to press lightly against the abdomen
  • Without any real effort, allow the evacuation to naturally slide out
  • If you have access to a bidet or shower hose use water to clean yourself if necessary. Usually in the squatting position there is complete evacuation so no cleaning is necessary.
  • Slowly stand up if you are on a squatting toilet; be careful if your body is not use to squatting since your muscles may be tight and cramp.
  • If you are on a platform, hold on to something and slowly lower one foot to ground and then the next.
    Job well done!
Squatting is a little tricky, especially if you haven't squatted since you were a kid, but the results may be evident and motivating—bowel movements may become much easier and ailments such as hemorrhoids may subside or completely disappear. Yes, diet does affect the ease of evacuation, and medication or surgery may sometimes be the only solution, but squatting is very effective because it promotes proper anal tract positioning and but it also allows the thighs to push lightly on the abdomen. Okay, enough of that crap…(insert smile)
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